Shag – 2017 June 18 2019

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Feature Show
Outré Gallery 
Melbourne 17 March – 7 April 2017
Sydney 25 March – 2 April 2017 

Southern Californian based painter, Josh Agle aka Shag is the master of a sharp, swinging, lounge aesthetic that embraces illustrative finesse, flat perspective, and the type of subtle humour that has become synonymous with the artist’s work. Shag's paintings are a celebration of consumerism through in inspired scenes of sophisticated party goers drinking cocktails in sublime surrounds, exclusive invitation and secret soirees. His works are visually influenced by the avant-garde animation of the early fifties and sixties, as well as generic advertising art of the same era.

Shag says of his work for 'A Seat in the Kingdom' , "Each painting in the upcoming Outré show is inspired by a specific mid-century designer.  It’s a subject I’ve played around the edges with in the past, but I have never really paid tribute to the men and women who designed the furnishings that are an ever present fixture in my paintings. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the homes and studios of some of these people, like the American designers Charles and Ray Eames and the Australian designer Grant Featherston, and that is what spurred the idea behind this group of paintings." 

This exhibition is a continued celebration of the artist's love and enthusiasm for all things mid-century from his 20 plus year art career.

Read our interview with Josh to learn more about his art practice.

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