Nicole Evans - 2024 December 20 2023

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Nicole Evans
Outré Gallery Fitzroy
22 Mar - 14 April 2024

Opening Night
6–8pm on Friday, 22 March 2024
319 Smith Street, Fitzroy
Drinks provided by Range Life Wine & Bodriggy Brewing Co.


Click HERE to view the show online - works will appear from 7am AEST Thursday March 21.

Nicole Evans is an Australian artist who grew up in the beautiful state of Tasmania. Growing up in Tassie instilled an appreciation and love for the environment and animals from a young age. Her realistic yet surreal paintings of animals and the natural world are multi-layered both literally and conceptually. Through meticulously painted layers and layers of oil paint, Nicole spotlights and aims to communicate her environmental concerns, love of animals and the natural world as well as grappling with and alluding to things from her personal life.

Nicole attained a Master of Fine Art from RMIT university in 2015 and exhibits her work nationally and internationally with her pieces held in private collections worldwide. She has been featured in publications such as Beautiful Bizarre Magazine and The LA Times.

Artist statement:

This series, ‘Glimmer’, has an environmental focus and spotlights threatened species of animals in unusual or unexpected environments - alluding to climate change. My paintings are also quite personal; the animals I paint are quite anthropomorphic and represent me, loved ones or things from my personal life. My paintings allow me to grapple with or communicate things in a way that is very cathartic for me.

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