Nathan Jurevicius – 2016 May 26 2016

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28 May 2016


Nathan Jurevicius is the world-renowned artist, illustrator and toy designer who is best known for his Scarygirl series, which lives across various mediums including a Scarygirl online comic, books, artwork and a range of vinyl toys.

Through his highly original style, Nathan has developed a worldwide underground following and his designer vinyl figures and original artworks are prized collectibles with art fans and pop culture buffs alike.

For this exhibition, the Australian born, Canadian based artist will present a series of artworks of based on eclectic selection of cult musical performers from the 1950s to current day. Commenting on the show the artist says: "No matter who we are or where we come from music and visual arts connect us all. Everyone can remember that first precious album they bought on vinyl/tape or that first gig that blew their mind. Memories are often associated with sounds and in this exhibition I've sketched some of the musicians that have influenced my life over the past few decades."

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