LORETTA LIZZIO – Dearly Beloved June 03 2016

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Dearly Beloved
Outré Gallery Melbourne
3–19 June 2016


Melbourne based artist Loretta Lizzio channels the uninhabited wilderness in her works. Animals, from the mildest to the barbaric are the vessel Loretta uses to burrow into and reveal her own deeply layered self. Through her obsessive line work, Loretta captures a sensuous desire for freedom, adventure and love using pen, pencil and oils. For her 2016 show, she has restored salvaged wood and paper as the bases to create her escapes.

She has spent years sharpening this sensitivity with her subjects while working across publishing, photography, and advertising industries. The artworks she creates show her subjects as creatures of substance, radiating in the life that Loretta supercharges into her artworks.

Forgotten fairy tales, spectacles of cinema, fleeting glances and dog eared National Geographic’s are Loretta’s inspiration to to make art and tell her stories.

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