Danielle Mann – 2016 September 23 2016

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Small Wall Project
Outré Gallery Melbourne
23 September – 2 October 2016

Danielle Mann is the mastermind behind Black Lagoon Designs, a Brisbane based ceramic company started in 2012 which specialises in Tiki Mugs, Primitive Pop and Mid-Century Kitsch creations.

Since then she has carved out a name for herself in the Tiki Culture and Lowbrow Scene both in Australia and America.  Her unique take on Tiki mugs has allowed her to create designs for magazines, festivals, Tattoo parlours, bands and many more.

Danielle’s love of ceramics started when she was in school and never stopped, but her love for tribal art began much earlier as her father had lived in Papua New Guinea before she was born and the tribesmen’s art adorned the walls throughout the family house.

Even though Tiki Mugs are Danielle’s passion, she enjoys creating various forms of ceramic art including Tribal Masks, Roth style Monsters and Hot Rods.

Read our interview with Danielle to learn more about her art practice.

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