Creature Creature – 2019 June 14 2019

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Feature Show
Outré Gallery Fitzroy
30 August – 10 September 2019

Opening night 6pm Friday, 30 August 2019

Creature Creature is an artist duo consisting of Chanel Tang and Ambrose Rehorek based in Melbourne in Australia. 

Hold Hands features a body of new work by the artist duo, manifesting the message of togetherness, illustrating these states of balance and harmony, and the beauty of coming together. Through composition, colour and symbols, the philosophy of collaboration is brought to life. Creatures such as canine, birds, fish and horses are depicted in packs, animals that are often living and working together to receive the benefits from this collective family. It is a lesson for us all, the connection you foster with the community around you, is important for survival, just as these other species. In its nature, Creature Creature represents duality and the sum of a whole, looking forward, it advocates collaboration in a broader sense to affirm values of diversity, kinship and prosperity.  

Read our interview with Creature Creature to learn more about their art practice.

Drinks kindly supplied by Bodriggy Brewing Company

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