Cat Rabbit – 2018 August 04 2018

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Pop-up Showcase
Outré Gallery Melbourne CBD
4 August 2018

This Saturday, 4 August from 12:00pm–2:00pm, we will be hosting a delightful afternoon tea exhibition with beloved Melbourne-based maker Cat Rabbit. She will be flanked by a herd of her adorable felted alpacas, with little felted cakes in tow, all handmade with love. Pop in for some cake (both literal and felted), and meet the lovely Cat herself!

Cat Rabbit is a textile-based artist who specialises in creating highly detailed soft felt sculptures of objects and anthropomorphic creatures. These are often made from her imagination, inspired by childhood nostalgia and a sense of comfort. Initially majoring in Graphic Design and English in her university studies, Cat realised that despite going on to complete honours and masters, she truly loved making things with her hands. She decided to pursue her artistry as a career. With time and patience, she was met with much success and has become an iconic part of the Melbourne crafting scene.

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