APAK – 2019 June 17 2019

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Feature Show
Outré Gallery Fitzroy
18 – 30 October 2019


APAK Studio is a collaborative project between Aaron Piland and Ayumi Kajikawa. They create artwork together as a way exploring the beauty, mystery, and magic of life. Apak paint rich and colorful gouache/acrylic artworks on wood featuring the utopian lives and adventures of curious little beings living harmoniously in lush fantastic environments surrounded by friendly little animals.

Underwater Picnic is a theme that Aaron came up with. It comes from that story of the fish who can't appreciate water/life until they are removed from it. So it's a celebration of life and an appreciation of the flow of life that surrounds us at all times, even when we don’t notice it.

Read our interview with APAK to learn about their art practice.

*All artworks in this show are excluded from our FREE SHIPPING offer.


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