Angela Ho – 2019 May 01 2019

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Small Wall Project 
Outré Gallery Melbourne CBD
8 – 19 May 2019

Angela Ho is an Australian artist and illustrator from North Fitzroy, Melbourne and has been residing in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong since 2008. Her artwork is predominantly digital. She has an interest in street art and new technologies, and has been exploring the use of augmented reality and animation with her artwork.

'Interspecies Utopia' depicts an imaginary working society of various creatures that's all about joy, contributing to the society and is harmonious and welcoming. The augmented reality which will be very simple will only be viewable at the show when all the artworks are together, when all the parts of the society make up the whole.

This will be risoprint exhibition with augmented reality! Download the Artivive app onto your phone. (It's free!) Open the app & point your camera at the configuration of artworks on the wall on the night – then wait for the magic. 

Read our interview with Angela to learn more about her art practice.


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