A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN – 4 October 2019 March 14 2019

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Feature Show
Outré Gallery Melbourne
4 – 17 October 2019

A group show that will celebrate the iconic friends, fiends & foes in pop culture. More information to be released soon.

Freya Betts, Dani Blazquez, Dry British, Dennis Brown, Michael Cain, Stephen Doan, Gian Galang, Stefan Glerum, John Guydo, Martin Harris, Jed Henry, Tom Howes, Nathan Juervicius, Rory Kurtz, Stellar Leuna, Nikko the Lion, Simon Monk, Jose Mertz, Ben Montes, Martin Onitveros, Rich Pellegrino, Max Prentis, Guy Shield, Timba Smits, Concepcion Studios, Matte Stephens, Matt Taylor, Terrance Unchained, Neryl Walker & Chris Yee.

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Drinks kindly supplied by the Bodriggy Brewing Company.

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