Derek Yaniger / Helen Proctor / Pete Bakacs April 09 2021

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Outré Gallery Fitzroy
9 April – 2 May 2021


Derek Yaniger was born and bred in the South, and was inspired by cartoon art all around him – on his father’s jazz albums, his mother’s recipe books, Mad Magazine, Rat Fink model kit box art. He graduated with a BFA in Illustration/Design from the University of Georgia, then moved to Atlanta to work for various ad agencies and Turner Entertainment. Feeling uninspired, Derek made his own comic book and landed a gig with Marvel Comics, then Cartoon Network, then decided to go solo with his retro-inspired art. His career spans over 18 years, and his own artwork delves into the retro world of beatniks, tiki bars and Vegas glamour.

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Helen Proctor is an Australian abstract landscape painter and a large-scale muralist. Born and raised in Sydney, Helen is now living and working in Amsterdam. Her vibrant paintings explore the relationship between time and place, with sharp picturesque scenery often evoking a strong emotional nostalgia.

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Pete Bakacs is a painter based in Ocean Grove who has a love for Mid Century design and vintage cars. Pete is known for his bright, acrylic paintings depicting a mix of characters, auto parts and cars. In his later work, he draws on a more abstract and experimental side to painting methods as compared to his strictly figurative and illustrative style of past works.

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