Wen Pham - 2022 May 30 2022

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Solo Exhibition
Fitzroy Gallery
17 June – 10 July 2022

Wen Pham, owner of Double Happy Tattoo, is a tattoo artist and illustrator born in Australia to Vietnamese immigrant parents. As a child born before the time of iPads and computers, they spent their childhood watching animations and drawing cartoons on every surface possible. Their favourite places were forbidden places like the walls of their parents' house and on school books.

At 15 years old, with their penchant for drawing in weird places (and much to the displeasure of their parents) Wen decided to become a tattoo artist. At the age of 17 they started a tattoo apprenticeship in Melbourne, which led to working for various tattoo shops and owning several studios – including one in Berlin, Germany where they lived for 6 years.

Outside of tattooing, Wen has completed commissioned artworks for restaurants including Pokeworks in LA, Mochi in Vienna and Ca com banh mi in Melbourne. They have also worked with Wizards of the Coast and have collaborated with many artists around the world.

Read our interview with Wen to learn more about their art practice.

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