I would like to be represented by Outré - can you take a look at my portfolio?
We are a specialist gallery show casing the best of lowbrow and alternative art, and most of our artists have a known reputation within the genre.

We do not accept unsolicited proposals through the mail nor in person, but we are happy to preview website folios and/or small jpegs via email. As we are approached by many artists every week, we do not have the resources to critique or provide feedback on your work. We thank you for your understanding. There are many factors that dictate who we represent, and a rejection from us is no indication of the quality or integrity of your work.

We are not actively looking for new additions to our stable at present.


Do you offer internships or volunteer programs?
We really appreciate that people might like to come and work at the gallery – but for the most part we have a tight knit team without the capacity to supervise nor train interns or volunteers.  Sorry, but we cannot take on interns or volunteers.

Do you offer custom framing?
Yes, our Melbourne Gallery offers customer framing options. Pop in to speak to our friendly staff, see our range of framing styles, and get a quote.
Please note - custom framing only available through our Melbourne gallery. Framing quotes cannot be supplied on Sundays.