Small Wall Project


Entires open 26 June 2018. Entries close 31 July 2018. Successful applicants will be notified 2 August 18.
The Small Wall Project in is an initiative of Outré Gallery to encourage up-and-coming and established Australian artists to co-curate their own mini shows with the gallery. 

Outré Gallery has offered a 2m x 3m 'Small Wall' space in the gallery to inspire the artists to use their vision and display a show fitting to the limitations.
If you would like to submit your artwork for consideration in the 2019  'Small Wall Project' roster, then please send us links to your website and/or social media where we can view your artwork and get an idea of what you create. There are no costs involved in submitting your artwork, and will be looking thoroughly over each and every submission.
IMPORTANT - We won't be accepting any submissions that include email attachments.

Keep in mind that there are many factors that dictate who will be chosen for the 2019 roster, and a rejection from us is no indication of the quality or integrity of your artwork. Please note that due to the amount of submissions we  receive – only successful applicants will be contacted. 

We wish you all the best of luck and we're really looking forward to viewing all of the submissions and putting together an exciting roster for 2019! 

EMAIL ALL SUBMISSIONS TO with the subject heading Small Wall Project 2019 Submission.

Previous Small Wall Project Artists

Melissa Gisancich / Shane Sterry / Courtney Brims / Pete Cromer / Louise Kyriakou / Lauren Nicholson / Rhys Cooper / Sam Yong / Maddy Young / Danielle Mann / Lucy Hardie / Kitiya Palaskas / David O'Brien / Kels O'Sullivan / Sam Octigan / Creature Creature / Cat Rabbit / Stephen Doan / Peter Bakacs / Eevien Tan / Erik Sherman / Minna Leunig / Neryl Walker / Robert Bowers

Below are some of the 'Small Wall Project' shows that we have had throughout 2016 -2018.




Melissa Grisancich // Polychromatic Heirlooms

Robert Bowers // Clear Days


Courtney Brims // Symbiosis

Pete Cromer // Ornis


Louise Kyriakou // Life and Times
Rhys Cooper // Coven

Maddy Young // From Dust

Cat Rabbit // Gocco Play Date

David O'Brien // On Closer Inspection

Creature Creature // Binary Star

Minna Leunig // Alter Egos