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$1,100.00 AUD

Artist: James Jean
Title: The Skippers
Print type: archival giclee print on cotton rag paper with special detailing including sculptural glass-like details and enhancements, crystalline finishes and holographic linework and intricately detailed and dimensional chop

Edition Size: 977
Paper Size: 51 x 66 cm  (approx.)
Image Size: 42.5 x 56.5 cm (approx.)
Framed Size:  63 x 81 cm (approx)

from the artist:

'The Skippers leap among the cumulus clouds, the air thick with butterflies and drops of nectar. Like a pair of electrons occupying the same molecular orbital, they have opposite spins, creating a magnetic moment of push and pull that allows them to float forever in the firmament.'

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