Lovesoup / 4 Oct - 27 Oct 2024 December 20 2023

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Outré Gallery Fitzroy
4 Oct - 27 Oct 2024

Opening Night
6–8pm on Friday, 4 Oct 2024
319 Smith Street, Fitzroy
Drinks provided by Range Life Wine & Bodriggy Brewing Co.

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Lovesoup is a Thai artist who was previously based in Sydney, Australia, and has since relocated to Tokyo, Japan. She finds inspiration in everyday mundane life and aims to create illustrations that will make your day a little better. Lovesoup is known for her soft, pastel-coloured illustrations featuring joyful characters and animals. With a formal background in architecture and graphic design, Lovesoup decided to take a leap of faith and move overseas to pursue her love of drawing. She now works full time managing her online store and creating designs for adorable stationery. Her character Pepper is a grumpy lazy girl who lives in a world of cats.


Read our interview with Lovesoup to learn more about her art practice

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