Shag - 'A Seat in the Kingdom'

Preview & Presale Information

Due to the high demand for Shag's original artworks and limited edition prints, we will be emailing out a special show preview a week before the opening of the Melbourne Shag show. 

The preview will contain images and full details of the paintings and prints that will be available at both the Melbourne and Sydney shows. To receive the preview you MUST have signed up here. If by chance you haven't received the preview within 24 hours of the preview 'send out date', then please email us at

The preview will be sent out at 6pm (EST) on the 9th of March. 

If you would like to buy an artwork once you have looked over the preview, please EMAIL us at with a listing of your TOP CHOICES.
We do our very best to give people the option to purchase their TOP PICK, but with limited paintings and prints available and many eager collectors, this is not always possible.  Listing second and third options increases your chances of being offered a piece.

Once you have sent your official expression of Interest, please relax and be patient with our response as it could take 24-48 hours before we are able to get back to you.

Once again, thanks for your interest!  Look forward to seeing some of you at the opening!