Jeff Raglus & Kasper Raglus “Hollow Scene”

4th April 2014 – 1st May 2014 CURRENT

Outré Gallery is extremely pleased to be hosting father/son team Jeff Raglus and Kasper Raglus as they present their 2-part showcase “Hollow Scene” at our Melbourne and Sydney Galleries in April 2014. Both tremendously talented artists in their own right, Jeff himself with royal roots in iconic clothing design label Mambo, the duo have collaborated on a series of original … Read More

Gemma Jones “How Am I Not Myself”

18 July 2014 – 8 August 2014

New paintings, prints and wearables by Gemma Jones Pop art painter and crafter (and once-upon-a-time curator at Outré) ponders her favourite quote from I Heart Huckabees with artworks that continue her pop art dialogue with lots of girls and lots of colour. Expect shimmering reflections, bursts of complimentary colour and a little dreamy trip to 1967. Expect twins, doppelgängers, shadows, hidden selves, best friends and … Read More

Dominique Wylestone “Unseen Tides”

18 July 2014 – 8 August 2014

“Pictures that bring magic and mythology to ordinary creatures and places.” We love the beautifully intricate drypoint etchings by local Melbourne artist Dominique Wylestone – who uses traditional printmaking to present narratives filled with flora and fauna which, with their illustrated folklore quality, seem to harken back to times long forgotten. Dominique’s prints run in small editions, due to the … Read More

Artist: Dominique Wylestone