kozyndan are the much loved collaborative art team based out of Los Angeles.  Kozy left Japan to study art in California – where she met Dan – and the two have been together ever since.

Kozy ‘n’ Dan, working together make the power duo that is kozyndan, live and work in Santa Monica…inbetween travelling the world and unravelling the chaos and absurdity of modern life.  Being avid divers, they like to explore the ocean where ever they travel and this theme pops up consistently in their work.  Part of the message layered within their artwork speaks of paying more care and attention to the natural world, especially marine environments.

Probably most well know for their bunny-filled wave inspired by Hokusai’s Great Wave and their amazing panoramas of epic chaos and beauty – the scope of their works ranges from studies of city life to gentle visions of the natural world. Throughout work for indie magazines such as Giant Robot, bands, to commercial projects for corporate clients – including large-scale wall murals featuring their take of the ever colourful and changing environment – kozyndan gives us an inherent sense of fun, complimentary vision and love for each other, making them an exemplar of artistic collaboration.

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Exhibitions Featuring kozyndan

kozyndan 2013 exhibition

8th March 2013 – 31st March 2013

kozyndan will return to Australia in 2013 for another three city tour exhibiting in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney with fresh artworks: originals and brand new custom-made prints. We are excited to see the developments in kozyndan’s artistic style which promises to continue to be intricate, beautifully rendered and with an intrinsic love of nature.  Rumour has it we will be … Read More

Kozyndan “Washed Away”

29th April 2011 – 1st May 2011

Kozyndan return to Oz with their new exhibition “WASHED AWAY” A fresh show with Loz Angeles collaborative art duo Kozy and Dan! Expect the unexpected with a trip to a watery, oceanic paradise.  There will be waves!  There will be mystery!  And there will be suprises!  All rendered in kozyndan’s collaborative amazingness. *** NOTE – NEW DATES *** Opening Melbourne … Read More

News about kozyndan


Now available is the signed print “Hunters” by kozyndan, a detail from their limited release “Hunters: Charks ‘n Kitties”, which was a sell-out success. kozyndan wanted to “draw some comparison between two similarly voracious hunter killers – one is loved and the other is currently being senselessly hunted to extinction…” and in doing so, have created a work that draws … Read More


Thanks kozyndan

Big thank you to Kozy and Dan for their three city Outré tour.  There are some killer artworks still on offer. Thank you also to all our wonderful fans who shared in the good times of the opening nights.  Check out our Facebook page for photographic highlights! Highfives to our generous photographers who lent their skills to documenting kozyndan’s opening … Read More

Bye to kozyndan

kozyndan RSVPs are open

We have now opened RSVPs for the opening nights for kozyndan’s March exhibitions in Melbourne, Perth and Sydney with Outré Gallery.  Their exhibition page here includes links to RSVP directly. Click through to read up on all the news here: http://eepurl.com/uIZUD If you would like to receive future news about kozyndan, sign up here!

Sydney detail